– faucet gives tokens that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency, gives 5-15 tokens (0.001-0.0015$) every 30 minutes.
The faucet has PTC, Shortlinks, offerwalls, Achievements.
Has pseudo mining game, where you need to spend energy to boost your pseudo mining, which gives tokens after some period. Has items, that give energy and increase mining power, which can be sold and bought on the market for tokens.
You can also buy pseudo mining rigs, that will give you 5-35% more tokens than you’ve invested, over a 30-120 days period.
Gives: 5-15 tokens (0.001-0.0015$) every 30 minutes.
Minimal Payout: 10000 tokens to the wallet as LTC, BCH, Dash, or 30000 tokens as Doge, or 50000 tokens as BTC or ADA.
Paying: Paying


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