Stormgain – It’s an exchange that also has pseudo mining that gives 180 satoshis per 4 hours, that’s the minimal income, depending on your trade volume it may go as high as 0.001908 BTC per 4 hours. You can withdraw from mining when you’ll reach 10 USDT value and you’ll get that money as a trading bonus, which you can’t withdraw, but you can trade with it and keep all the profits you’ll make.
Exchange is made for futures trading, but you can also just exchange your coins at the market price.
The exchange has bots that can give trading signals where to sell or buy.
There are no trade fees, but exchange takes 10% of your profit from profitable trades.
Margin is 5-100X depending on the currency you’ll trade.
Bonus: You’ll get a 3 USDT bonus if you’ll register with my link
Gives: 180 satoshis per 4 hours
Minimal Payout : there is no minimal payout, but there are fixed fees for withdrawal, different for different currencies plus 0.1%
Paying: Testing


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