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TrustDice – It’s a casino that also has a faucet that gives 0.0012 EOS or 0.00000084 BTC or 0.0000156 ETH or 0.0326 USDT or USDC once every 6 hours. You also get 1 TXT (casino staking coin) for daily login. You can withdraw the balance, use it to play, or invest in the casino and get rewards from their income.
Gives:0.0012 EOS or 0.00000084 BTC or 0.0000156 ETH or 0.0326 USDT or USDC every 6 hours
Minimal Payout : 0.001 BTC,  0.35 EOS, 0.01 ETH, 30 USDT, has transaction fee.
Paying: Paying


Betfury – It’s a crypto casino that also has a faucet that gives 1.25 satoshi, 0.00000137 BNB and 0.125 BFG every 20 minutes.
Periodically casino racoon shows up and if you click on him you’ll get 0.5 BFG.
Has a wheel that gives crypto, to level 2 (you need to wager 3000 USD) and above users, upto 1 BTC every 12 hours. Level 1 users have similar wheel but with a bigger chance to win internal casino free coins to try out the games.
You can withdraw the balance or use it to play and get BFG tokens for your wager, BFG tokens are used to get dividends from the incomes of the casino, so the more you wager more BTG you’ll have and will get passive income.
The casino supports BTC, BNB, ETH, TRX, BTT USDT, and lots of other coins. The casino has a ranking system, depending on your wager you’ll get cashback up to 25% and different promotions. Also, there are investment boxes, where you can get up to 100% in 30 days.
If you’ll decide to play casino games, the stakes come from as low as 1 satoshi, ETH, TRX, or even BTT satoshi and up to around 3-4 thousand USD (in crypto value) so it gives a wide range for bets.
Casino staking coin was added to Biswap decentralized exchange.
Gives: 1.25 satoshi, 0.00000137 BNB and 0.125 BFG every 20 minutes
Minimal Payout: 244 satoshis has a transaction fee, other fees for other currencies.
Paying: Paying


Satoshi Hero and Satoshi Monster – you can claim 3-250000 satoshi every 30 minutes for a simple captcha. Has offerwalls and some bitcoin slots. Both faucets share the same wallet.
Gives: 3-250000 satoshi every 30 minutes
Minimal Payout: 0.00030000 BTC to an external wallet
Paying: Testing – It’s a crypto casino, it doesn’t have a faucet as such, but it has a wheel where you can win different cryptos, up to 1 BTC, mostly you’ll get JB Coins, which is internal casino coin, worth nothing atm, but you can use it for fun play and testing strategies. If you’ll decide to play in this casino, there’s a great leveling system, lvl-s are needed to use some features of the game, like being able to get coins from the rain in chat or catching “coco” (casino totem) every 6 hours to get some coins. There are betting tasks that give points and on achieving certain goals casino will give you money rewards.
What is great about is that it has the best automation possibilities I’ve seen, you can write your own script to play games automatically with specific strategies.
You can save your coins in the casino vault for 5% annual income, which is accumulated daily. Also, you can invest in bankroll and get part of the casino income.
Bonus: If you register using my link, you will get 3$ from me on reaching level 4.
Gives: different coins once a day
Minimal Payout: 0.0005 BTC has a transaction fee of 0.0006 BTC. lower fees and minimal for other currencies.
Paying: Paying


FaycetPay – it’s a cryptowallet for microtransactions that you’ll need for lots of faucets, so if you don’t have an account on it, you should start by creating one. Also has Binary trading, exchange, PTC, Offerwalls and Dice.


LuckyFish – It’s a casino which also has faucet that gives different amounts for different currencies, but only if you have 0 balance on that currency, so that money can be used only for play faucet can be used around every 1 minute for a simple captcha.
Gives: small amounts of different cryptocurrency every 1 minute
Minimal Payout : 0.0005 BTC with 0.00001 BTC fee, 200 DOGE with  3 DOGE fee, and many other cryptocurrencies.
Paying: Testing – is a crypto casino with a low house edge and nice bonuses for big players.

Supports BTC, TRX, ETH, ETC, XRP, UNI, SUSHI, XLM, and other main coins.
Has sportsbetting and 3 games, Dice, Limbo, and Hi-Lo. Has good customization for auto-play with easy configuration.
Has VIP system, after betting worth 10 000 USD bets you’ll have access to daily rolls and Rakeback, Rakeback is 10-15% of your bets multiplied by house edge which is 1%, so you’ll be getting your bet multiplied by 0.001, basically 1 dollar for every thousand you bet. Roll system gives around 0.001-30% of your wager for every coin that you wager more than 0.002. It seems to give more if you lose, and around 0.01-2% on winning wager.
To qualify for the VIP system, you’ll need to deposit some crypto, after that it’ll start counting your wager towards the VIP system.
There is rain in chat every 20 minutes, worth 0.01 USDT per lucky user from administration, and other users rain or drop coins as well.

Minimal Payout: 50 USDT to TRC20 or ERC20 wallet, has a fee depending on the network fee. Other minimums for other cryptos.
Paying: Paying


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