Page updated: 07.05.2021

Rage of Hero –is a strategy browser game, where you can invest and earn real money. Game has all the aspects that browser strategy games have, you have your own domain, you build different buildings to improve it, you hire troops to fight other players or monsters, which also give you passive income. You can join a clan, upgrade your hero, get different artifacts that improve your strength, basically it’s a browser strategy game where you could also make some money.
There are two currencies in game, gold, for which you buy all the troops, resources and which is used to build buildings, and diamonds, that are used to withdraw money and buy some premium features. You get both 50/50 from troops passive income, there’s a lot of ways to get gold ingame, but it’s the only way to get the diamonds.

Website is in Russian language only
Project start: works since 2011
ROI: hard to determine, since the conversion rate depends on lots of factors and changes, but if you’ll just buy troops and leave them be, it’ll take several years to get the money back, as for small amounts they can be earned easily even without investment, although small investments help things go faster.
Minimal Payout : 100 diamonds (which is 1 Ruble), withdrawal can be made to Payeer.
Paying: Paying


HitBits – It’s a faucet with gaming components, you can claim 5-15 tokens(1 token = 0.00005 USD) every 15 minutes, also there’s a game where you hit monsters and get part of token bank that is generated by players doing offerwalls. Has PTC, offerwalls, Gamification, Dice.
Gives: 5-15 tokens(1 token = 0.00005 USD) every 15 minutes + additional tokens from gamification
Minimal Payout : 3 USD worth in BTC to external wallet
Paying: Paying


RollerCoin – It’s a mining simulator game that comes with it’s own cryptocoin Rollertoken . You have to play mini games to get hashing power and mine BTC, DOGE or ETH, hashing power depletes with time, so you’ll need to play games periodically to replenish it. Mined coins can be either withdrawn or you can buy virtual miners to mine in the background. Fastest games to get hash power are Coin-Flip and Coin-Match.
Gives: BTC, ETH or DOGE that you have to mine first using mini games.
Minimal Payout : 0.0001 BTC
Paying: Testing


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