Betfury – It’s a crypto casino that also has a faucet that gives 1.25 satoshi, 0.00000137 BNB and 0.125 BFG every 20 minutes.
Periodically casino racoon shows up and if you click on him you’ll get 0.5 BFG.
Has a wheel that gives crypto, to level 2 (you need to wager 3000 USD) and above users, upto 1 BTC every 12 hours. Level 1 users have similar wheel but with a bigger chance to win internal casino free coins to try out the games.
You can withdraw the balance or use it to play and get BFG tokens for your wager, BFG tokens are used to get dividends from the incomes of the casino, so the more you wager more BTG you’ll have and will get passive income.
The casino supports BTC, BNB, ETH, TRX, BTT USDT, and lots of other coins. The casino has a ranking system, depending on your wager you’ll get cashback up to 25% and different promotions. Also, there are investment boxes, where you can get up to 100% in 30 days.
If you’ll decide to play casino games, the stakes come from as low as 1 satoshi, ETH, TRX, or even BTT satoshi and up to around 3-4 thousand USD (in crypto value) so it gives a wide range for bets.
Casino staking coin was added to Biswap decentralized exchange.
Gives: 1.25 satoshi, 0.00000137 BNB and 0.125 BFG every 20 minutes
Minimal Payout: 244 satoshis has a transaction fee, other fees for other currencies.
Paying: Paying


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