Biswap is a decentralized automatica market maker exchange based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

DEX (decentralized exchange) means that you can swap coins directly between each other, and the exchange rate is determined by the number of each coin in the exchange pool. Exchange pool is made from the coins that platform users stake in the pool, recieving fee from every exchange that other users make between the staked coins.

When users stake coins in the pool they they recieve Liquidity Points (LP), each someone make an exchange of the staked coins platform takes 0.1% fee, out of which 0.05 is given to the LP holders and 0.05% is used to burn the BSW – biswap exchange token.

Users can stake their LP in the farms and in addition to the exchange fee get BSW tokens, percentage of the farm income depends on the coins staked, and may change in time, for example at the time this review was written it’s 18-246% APR.

Biswap also has a Launchpool where you can stake your BSW tokens and get some other coins for staking.

APR in the Launchpool depends on the quantity of staked BSW, more BSW staked, means lesser APR.

Since the exchange is decentralized, it works directly with the crypto wallet that supports the BSC. Right now the Biswap supports Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet, TrustWallet, WalletConnect, Coin98, Safepal Wallet. Every operation made on the exchange requires a small amount of BNB as a network fee, usually, it’s 0.001 BNB, so you should keep a small amount of BNB on your wallet for transactions.

The exchange has a referral system, it gives 5% of income from farms and launchpools and in the future, you’ll also get a small amount of fees that the referral pays for exchanges. You’ll pay 2% fee when withdrawing referral income.

Exchange added support for NFT-s, now you can buy, sell and earn with NFT staking.

You’ll get a maximum 50% refback when registering with my link.


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