Ice Age World

Ice Age World – It’s a simple Ice Age themed game, you buy units that gather resources, resources are sold 50% to invest and 50% to withdraw, . Has built 5 minute (3-7 silver) and 24 hr (20-120 silver) faucet. You can get around 1 ruble per day with basic bonus.
100 silver = 1 Ruble.
Website is in Russian language only
Registration bonus: 100 Rubles
Project start: 07.04.2020

ROI: 119-76 days, depending on the investment plan
Minimal Payout : 100 silver (which is 1 Ruble), withdrawal can be made to Payeer.
Paying: SCAM! Stopped paying after withdrawing 10 rubles, says I need to deposit 2 rubles to continue withdrawing.

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